So you’re stuck in a rut?

Sometimes it happens. When I headed back to Athens, I fully intended to start the school year off with a good workout/gym routine, and I even geared myself up to get back into a steady running schedule. As the title suggests, though, that hasn’t happened. It’s not because I don’t have time because I do, and it’s not because I’m trying to recover from sort of injury because I’m healthy. I really don’t have an excuse besides the fact that at this point, there is legitimately not one single bone in my body that wants to go for a run or go to the gym. We all have the typical “I really don’t want to workout” thought, but we go knowing that once we do, we’ll feel a million times better. However, that’s just not my case right now. I don’t really feel better because it’s become more of a stressor to get it done than it is stress relief to do it.

From the reading I’ve done, there are two main philosophies when it comes to being in a fitness rut. The first is that you push through. You mentally gear yourself up. You dig down and pull discipline from the deepest part of you, and you make it happen. The other side is that you listen to your body with the confidence that the desire is going to come back. Of course, this doesn’t mean to just give up on living a healthy and active lifestyle, but it does mean to focus on doing the active things that you love to do. In my (not professional) opinion, you really have to gauge your own situation to pick which one of these to go for. For me, I know that I enjoy running, and over the summer, I seriously grew to love the weight area of the gym. However, strenuous workouts just aren’t what my body and mind are craving right now. Does that mean it’s over forever? Definitely not. The passion will all come back in time, so I am perfectly okay with taking a hiatus from them.

The main thing hasn’t changed though. I still want to move, enjoy being active, and be outside all the time. Maybe you’re in the same place, so here are a few easy things that I’ve turned my fitness focus to that keep me active and healthy without worrying about making it to the gym.

1 // I go on walks. Long walks, slow walks, walks to chat, walks that end in froyo. Whatever kind of walk that you enjoy is a good walk. Every evening I’ve set out on a walk, usually about an hour long, around the pretty neighborhoods in Athens. Walks are fun, and they count as exercise. Sometimes you may not have time to set out an hour just for walking, so in those cases, add some walking to your daily routine. In my case, that means arriving to campus a little early and walking to all my classes rather than riding the bus. It may mean parking at the back of a parking lot rather than the front space or getting up from your desk more often. Whatever it takes. Check out Robyn’s blog (which I love) to hear her awesome perspective on walking.

2 // I’ve been able to focus on eating whole and clean. I typically enjoy doing this anyway, but I can now focus more attention on trying new things. I don’t have to worry about making sure I have enough fuel for a workout or eating more carbs for a long run. Maybe a break from the gym means you can spend more time discovering more recipes, planning more meals, or spending more time in the grocery store (praise). I’m dying to try these sweet potato brownies!

food truck 

First food truck experience in Seaside!


3 // Find something new or rediscover an old favorite. It’s a perfect time for discovering a new workout that you’ve never gotten the chance to do. It may be taking some group fitness classes or getting outdoors more. For me it will hopefully be PureBarre and yoga, and when I get the opportunity, my favorites–hiking and kayaking.  


4 // Quit worrying about it! Seriously. No more stress about not making it to the gym; no more stress about not getting in your Saturday long run; no more stress about not getting a weight PR. If you’ve enjoyed training for races, lifting weights, or whatever else you’re burnt out on, it’s going to come back, or you’ll find something you like even better.

What’s your favorite group fitness class? Hope you all have an awesome Wednesday! (P.S. sorry for all the list posts!)


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