Easy Snacks Ideas

Good Monday afternoon to ya! Hope your weekend was sweet and that you’re recovering from all the Super Bowl fun and food.

Today we’re talking about snackage! I think anyone who knows me well knows that I snack a lot. I’m much more likely to eat lots of snacks through the day rather than separate full meals. Besides my big breakfast, lunch and dinner usually consist of several snack size things (half a sandwich, some soup, carrots, celery, etc), and I’m usually eating something through the afternoon. Because of that, I’m always looking for easy, healthy, and delicious snacks to carry me through the day.

Here are a few I love:

1 // Greek yogurt plus blueberries and old fashioned oats. My favorite yogurt brands are Fage and Siggi’s (if it’s on sale).

2 // Carrots and hummus. Tribe Everything hummus has been in my fridge lately, but I think my favorite is Publix or Trader Joe’s brand. I’m not a Sabra diehard like most, but of course, I still think it’s good!

3 // Apple, celery, and nut butter. I made some yummy homemade almond butter this weekend (easy as pie), or peanut butter is always a good choice.

4 // Larabars. I expressed my love for these little gems on instagram last week, and I can’t get over them. They’re fantastic for grab and go and always satisfy my sweet tooth.

5 // Open faced egg sandwich. If I’m wanting something a little saltier and warm, I’m usually satisfied with an over easy egg on a toasted whole wheat english muffin or slice of bread.

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When I’m looking for a new idea, instagram is surprisingly one of my go-to sites for inspiration. I can search for hashtags like #healthysnacks or browse some of my favorite foodies, and I usually find something I want to try. Unlike a recipe book or website, the visual aspect of instagram is integral in helping me decide on a snack. With food styling becoming even more popular, food companies and restaurants must take advantage of image-focused social media. In this industry, it is becoming increasingly necessary for consumers to see what you offer not just hear about it!

Do you have any favorite snacks? Any companies or restaurants that have an awesome instagram?


4 thoughts on “Easy Snacks Ideas

  1. Great post, Ellie! I love nut butter and am surprised to hear almond butter was easy to make! I especially agree with your comment about image-focused social media and the food industry. I just went to a new restaurant downtown purely because their pictures of food on Facebook looked so yummy. I’d definitely be tempted to eat out a lot more if Athens restaurants posted pictures of food to my Instagram feed regularly.

    • I totally agree, Anna! I always check instagram when I’m planning to try a new restaurant, and it really does make a huge impact on what I choose. You have to try making almond butter (or even peanut butter); all you need is a food processor! 🙂

  2. Loved this post! I work for a small fashion brand in Athens and we are always scrolling through Instagram for inspiration from bloggers and other influential brands. I am not much of a cook, but I’ve noticed a ton of foodies on Instagram and agree that restaurants, grocery stores, or anyone in the food industry should take advantage of the prominent food-styling presence on social media.

  3. Great snack ideas, Ellie! I’m always looking for new snack ideas, because I also prefer to snack throughout the day. Honestly, I’m always hungry haha so eating little snacks throughout the day is much more preferable to me than 3 big meals. I usually just take raw fruits/vegetables or granola bars, but these ideas seem much more exciting and they’re so easy. I agree that Pinterest has definitely inspired snackers and chefs, because of its image-focused platform.

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