#WeddingWeekend: Social Media on the Big Day

Happy Monday to ya! After a super fun weekend, I’m not too excited to be back to the reality of school, but I’m saying no to Monday blues and looking forward to what this week will hold! Let’s hop right into a quick weekend recap and talk a little about how social media has made a huge impact on events and weddings.


The main event of the weekend was a wedding of two high school friends! I had been looking forward to the wedding for weeks, and since the bride and groom were high school and middle school sweethearts, we were all so excited to finally see them tie the knot. The wedding took place at a beautiful plantation, Pebble Hill, in Thomasville, Georgia, and the weather could not have been more perfect for an outdoor event. Warm and sunny. I think that means Spring is finally here, thank goodness.


So if you have been to a wedding recently, you’ve probably seen a note from the couple about a hashtag to use when posting on instagram or other social media platforms. This trend has become more and more popular as instagram has grown, and one of the first tasks of a newly engaged couple is to decide on a cute, creative, funny, unique hashtag to use for wedding related photos.


The purpose of having a hashtag is to be able to search and see all of the pictures guests have taken and posted throughout the day. After attending a wedding, I always browse through wedding pictures, and if I wasn’t at a wedding, I love to get a little glimpse of the day through instagram. One of the primary reasons the hashtag has taken off is because it combines visually appealing content with the social aspect of sharing and being part of a group. I don’t foresee this trend fading away anytime soon!

Congratulations Lindsay and Russell! Loved celebrating the day with you, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds!


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