Sweet Brunch Spot

Hey hey! It’s been a little while since I’ve stopped by, but I hope you all had a happy Easter! It was such a beautiful weekend here in Athens, absolutely perfect for spending lots of time outside in the sun.

Because the trip home is over four hours and I made that trek several times in March, I decided to spend Easter weekend with close friends in Athens rather than going home. This meant being away from my family and not eating the typical southern Easter lunch, but it did give me the opportunity to spend the morning at my church here, eat brunch with some of my closest friends, lay outside by the pool and go for a relaxing run. I sure did miss my fam, but I’m so very thankful for the weekend here.

Now for some fun brunch news! Guys, I found it…..for now at least. My FAVORITE Athens breakfast and brunch spot (they even serve dinner too)! It’s a little local spot called Kumquat Mae that you must check out. In a matter of just a few weeks, I’ve already been twice, and I have not been disappointed either time.

After church Sunday morning, two friends and I headed over to Kumquat’s to celebrate the day together. Last time we ate here, I ordered a pimiento cheese sandwich on homemade sourdough plus sweet potato fries (of course) from the lunch menu. The sweet potato fries were phenomenal. If you’re a sweet potato fry connoisseur, you know that sometimes there’s more fried outer layer than their is actual sweet potato. These were quite the opposite; you could tell that the only processing was cutting up the potato, and the taste was phenomenal. Woah, if I could eat them everyday I totally would. Also, ya can’t go wrong with pimiento cheese, but I’d say branch out and try something new. I don’t think you’d regret it.

Sunday, however, I was 100% in the mood for breakfast. The lunch menu had no appeal to me, so after browsing for a little while and sipping coffee from those classic cafe white mugs, I landed on the Croque Madame which featured ham with goulda and swiss cheese on homemade sourdough, topped with dijon mustard, bechamel sauce, and two eggs overeasy. Needless to say, it was as tasty as it sounds. The perfect breakfast or brunch for when you’re super hungry!

brunch 2

Since it was Easter, we had to top it off with something sweet. Every baked good at Kumquat’s looks amazing, but my granola addiction led me to choose a vanilla yogurt parfait topped with homemade granola and garnished with a strawberry and orange slice. My favorite part was that the granola was nutty and not to sweet. It balanced the vanilla yogurt perfectly.


Needless to say, I highly recommend Kumquat Mae’s to anyone and everyone who is ever on the hunt for an inexpensive breakfast or lunch in the Athens area. Order a cup of coffee, enjoy live music, and love the people you’re with! Cheers to brunch all the time! 


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