The Road to RD

Well, I’m on the road y’all.

After reading tons of blogs, weighing all the options, and talking to advisors, I’ve made the decision to add a second  undergrad major (basically, I’ll be in school forever). Wooohoooo! Dietetics here I come, and hopefully I’ll be able to add some letters after my name one day (RD=Registered Dietitian=the goal)! Of course, this means I’ll be integrating science and nutrition classes in with my Marketing classes, so it’s going to make for some pretty interesting semesters (Hello Microbiology and Services Marketing…what even!?) Luckily I’ll get to spend an afternoon each week in the kitchen for a nutrition lab though, and I know I can handle that!

So let’s rewind and start from the beginning. Since I moved to Athens for college, I’ve slowly but surely become a health nut. After moving out of my freshman dorm room and subsequently off of meal plan, I was finally free to spend however long I pleased in the grocery store. Joy! Around the same time, my blog obsession was taking off, so Feedly quickly became my BFF. Along with that, my mom was training for half marathons and sprint triathlons (through breast cancer too–she rocks!). Hearing about my moms running adventures plus seeing blogger recipes that not only sounded great but looked beautiful too (#enduglyhealthyfoods) was enough to make me get moving, start to consider the nutrition labels on my groceries, and be more adventurous with my food choices. My taste buds changed (seriously though), and my boxes of cheap white pasta turned into carts full of fruits and vegetables, hummus, and of course, peanut butter.

I’ve learned that food should be for celebrating, but thank goodness we don’t just have to celebrate with cake and ice cream. Seriously, go find a piece of well cooked salmon, and your life will be changed forever!

This road to RD is bound to be a long one, probably pretty curvy at times, but I’m so excited about this journey that I’m not even worried about the speed bumps. I hope you’ll keep up!

Now go grab a cup of tea, and have a fun Friday!


What’s your favorite thing to sip on in the morning?