Weekend Recap: Mountains + Asheville

Happy Sunday! I hope your weekend was fantastic and included some sort of fun moving, eating, and relaxing! Saturday included a super spontaneous adventure for me, and it was a much needed break from school thoughts plus helped fulfill some of my restless desires for something out of the ordinary.

But first, let’s rewind to Friday! The whole day was freezing and rainy, so I was mostly just craving a cozy, restful night somewhere warm. After class, I enjoyed a pajama afternoon and got some job hunting business taken care of before dozing off for a quick nap. When I woke up, I was a little more energized, so a few friends and I ventured out to a local coffee shop to share drinks and catch up after a busy week. It was a much needed rest day after a whirlwind of a week.

Now for Saturday! It began with a 4 mile run with one of my favorite running and nutrition loving friends, Krista. We decided on a 9:00am morning run knowing full well that saying 9:00 meant at least 9:15.  Around 9:45, we set out for our run. It was perfect weather (40 degrees and sunny), and it’s always so nice to get a run in before most of the world is out and about.


After our run, I ended up making unexpected plans to drive north to the mountains for a little day trip and hike at Tallulah Gorge. We hopped in the car around noon, picked up warm drinks, and hit the road. We climbed the thousands of stairs to see the falls, and man, it gave me the typical “I love the mountains. I want to live here.” feelings. After our little hiking break, we ended up continuing our drive north to venture through downtown Clayton, Georgia. Such a cute downtown with lots of antiques!

NC 2

On up we drove, until we saw the 16 miles to North Carolina sign and thought, “Why not?” We drove into North Carolina with intentions to try the best barbecue around, but when we realized Asheville was just another hour, we again asked, “Why not?” This is why I love my friends! It’s so much better to ask the question why not on days like this rather than why!

NC 3

We ended up in Asheville around 6:00, and strolled through downtown while we shivered uncontrollably. After asking the cashier at a local shop for her dinner recommendation, we made our way to Asheville Brewing Company. Chelsea and I were feeling pizza all the way, so we went with the Biltmore. It was loaded with peppers, onions, spinach, pepperoni, hamburger, and ham, and it is a frontrunner for the best pizza I’ve ever had. If you’re in Asheville, you MUST try this place. Not to mention, the spinach artichoke dip with carrots, celery, pita chips, and tortilla chips was to die for and plenty for our hungry group of 4.

NC 4

Though we didn’t get to explore too much in Asheville, the random day trip was totally worth it. We spent lots of time in the car playing different games and chatting about life, and I just know these are the things I’ll remember about college. By the end of the day, we were all exhausted but so satisfied with how we spent our day. Of course, I could’ve done schoolwork or cleaned my house, but those are the things that can wait.

NC 1

What did you do this weekend? Is there anywhere you’re dying to go for the day? (I’ll go!)    


Let’s pretend it’s the 1st…

Even though we’re almost a quarter of the way finished (what!?), here’s what I’m determined to do in October!

>>> Take a road trip to the mountains // I’ve gotten to go three times this semester, but I would love to see the leaves change and get in a solid hike before it gets too cold. Also, I am constantly going through jars of apple butter, so a stop by the apple orchard would be a priority.

lets pretend 4

>>> Make a pot of chili // Hooray for cool, fall weather and a reason to use the crockpot. Instead of regular chili, I’ll probably go for this white chicken chili. It’s seriously the best and easiest recipe, and I can already imagine sitting on the porch in pj pants with a bowl of this goodness.

>>> Play soccer // Step one: get a soccer ball. I am dying to be outside in the evenings because the weather is amazing, and I really miss competitive team sports. Hopefully this can at least happen once.

>>> Try a new restaurant in Athens // Some friends and I have made a list of local places we must eat at before graduating, and it’s time to mark another one off. It’s so much more fun to pick a new place and order something I can’t make at home. Along with several others, a few that made our list are Heirloom, Home.Made, and Ted’s Most Best. Let me know if you’ve tried one of these or have another favorite Athens place we should try!

lets pretend 5

(If I could only eat at one restaurant forever, it would most likely be Marti’s at Midday. You have my recommendation!)

>>> Go to a pumpkin patch // Obviously this has to be included. I’m making it a point to carve a pumpkin and roast some seeds because it just isn’t October without one.

>>> Bike the Silver Comet Trail and/or to Social Circle, GA // Silver Comet Trail goes from Smyrna, Georgia to the Alabama state line, and it’s around 61 miles long. Best part: no cars! Social Circle is around 40 miles from Athens, and you might know it as home of Blue Willow Inn (primary reason I want to go). Yes to fried chicken; yes to bike rides. Disclaimer: It’s highly probable that this will not happen in October, but if I write it down, I’ll remember it. Don’t hold me to it.

Cheers to a happy and active October! Hope you have a great one!

lets pretend 1

What are some goals you have this month? I’d love ideas! 🙂

March Favorites

If your March has been anything like mine, it’s flown by, but I’ve had enough time to stumble upon a few fun things. Enjoy!

Beautiful spring days and bike rides with my mom. Come on warm weather! I’m ready for you!


This buzzfeed quiz! Mostly because I got Emma Watson, and I’m completely satisfied with that. Buzzfeed, you win on this one.

Light wash jeans. I remember just a few months/years ago when I would only think about wearing dark wash jeans. Everybody knew light wash jeans were for old men, right? They’re all the rage this spring and summer season though, and with a boyfriend fit, layered jewelry, and a graphic tee, you can look relaxed but still put together.

These two articles from Darling Magazine. Encouraged. Inspired. Grateful.

Shopping Your Joy Away

Four Keys to Being Content

Fun Pinterest finds. I’m smitten by all of these shoes ranging from grungy birks (they’re coming back in style, just wait) to classic sandals.

Birkenstock Tobacco Leather Arizona They just feel summery to me. Boho, slouchy, livable.

Geneva Sandal So classy! I’m so glad these are making an appearance again.

Free People Solitaire Heel I love these! Funky enough to be interesting but still classic enough to be wearable.

This piece of wisdom. Let’s step out of our comfort zones and say yes. Yes to challenges, yes to those who say no, yes to joy, yes to new adventures in April!



Did you make any cool discoveries in March? Any goals or adventures scheduled for April?